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   Vouivre is the project of 3 French students, Hugo Aubert, Julie Lafeuille and Augustin Cagnat, realized as part of the end of their studies. 
  This game is an action/adventure game that can be played on PC, keyboard and mouse.

 " The war of the Great Nations is about to end. Your resistance group sent you explore an enemy base probably abandoned, in order to loot weapons and resources left on site.

   The first part of the exploration is in vain, the bunker having been emptied of its weapons and main resources. Only corpses remain.

   That’s when you decide to enter an elevator shaft that wasn't indicated on the plans found. "

   Important !!   For those who have a qwerty keyboard, you can try the shortcut alt + shift, shift + alt or shift + shift + alt gr to switch to azerty, or switch quickly to the windows parameters, hours and languages settings and temporarily change the keyboard language to French.

There are still bugs in the game, but they don't interfere too much with the player's experience: some enemies will seem invincible, the balls do not damage them. Just move and attack them from a new location (it's a trigger problem for connoisseurs)
A rifle is to be found in the game and greatly facilitates the progression. In case you don't find it, it is at the foot of the red gate in the large green temple.


Vouivre.rar 1 GB
Version 1.0 Sep 30, 2019

Development log


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Wow. Great game. Will it continue? Let's go to the next one)))

Hello, congratulations on this game. I am looking for gameplay footage to feature in a television program, would you be able to license or grant permission for use? It's a scene where people are playing a FPS game online. Please reply and let me know if it's a possibility. digme5000@yahoo.com

Hi... Just wondering... Does your team have any plan on continuing this project. The game setting is interesting... would love to know more about the backstory and such... Also, is there a portfolio site where I can see high resolution render of the characters/enemies in-game?

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Hi, the Concept artist here.

No we did not really intented to continue this project, as we have all finished our last year of school, and we all work now at different places.

We have a more complex backstory that we did not had the time to implement in the game, and we definitly should put an online portfolio for our work.

At least I can give you the portefolio link of the 3D envirnement artist :


The crabs jump right towards your mouth, how thoughtful!

SKIP TO 27:35!!!

Split this game with another.. Hope you dont mind, I love the world you have created here 😂 Controls... you're breaking my heart 

Really great looking game. Once the story is a little more fleshed out i feel like it will make a nice game.

the game is amazing, good atmosphere and graphics, nice details and cool looking places. the controls are a little weird since most games use WASD but besides that i have nothing negative to say

A had a blast exploring this mysterious world, not to mention the fantastic attention to detail in the graphics! With a bit of refinement, this is likely to be a very good game. Keep up the great work!

I hope I pronounced the name correctly! This was fun! I had some trouble getting used to the control setup as I made very obvious in the video LOL but this was a genuinely great game! Would love to see more!

No Motion Blur please.

played the game and as funny as it was trying to use different control schemes i did have fun playing it! heres my vid i just put up

I wanted to give it a proper try, but trying to use AZERTY controls on a QWERTY keyboard is too much trouble for me personally. Luckily it looks like remappable controls are a possibility in the future, but until then I will have to pass.

Anyways from the little I played it all looked good and I liked the aesthetic, so props to that!


As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!!

With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!!

umm this is a weird question but is there only artists in your group ? because the game works really bad ,unreal's blueprints can't handle these kind of models and high textures  so the game will run bad if you only used them and no code,that would explain it

Yeah we are three artists, helped by our teacher. But despite some IA problems and some other minors bugs, the game works well for us, we don't have any framerate drop.

I think this looks great and stuff, its rough but has alot potential.

But i can and will not get over the fact ever that this game is 12gbs in 10 minutes content.
6gb is Videos which is outragous O.o and then somehow there is 6 more gb data pak. 
This game with this gameplay could easily be 1gb.

Thanks for your feedback ! 

And yeah we are totally aware that 12 gb is ridiculous, but we did the last build very recently, the day before the graduation jury, we didn't clean up the project . And none of us in the team are dev made this a little bit difficult, we are just game artist. 

We are fixing the problems, a patch will fix all this !

Played this as a random indie horror. Not exactly Horror, but it's close enough i guess, haha. I REALLY liked this game. but the issues are inexcusable. If you want a full in-depth review and honest feedback, I

give just that at the end of my video!


Hi, thanks for your video !! I gave you some answer in the comment of your video !

This game reminds me of Doom so much in terms of movement and graphics are great. I just ran into a few issues.

Sometimes, my shots won't hitreg when I'm aiming on their heads and I am not sure, but the ending seems to linger on the last part a bit too long.

Anywho, here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont


Yes, we have these problems too! Fortunately we have found the origin of the bugs, we fix them quickly!

Incredible Job Dev....Overall everything is amazing in this game graphics,gameplay etc. Only two major issues I faced.

  1. So much Frame drop in start
  2. Control are not remap-abl/Can't change control.

Hello and thank you for your comment, it means a lot to us !! I don't what to do for the frame rate drop, I didn't see it on the playtests we did. We will try to put in the keybinding later, if we find some time with our dev.


I LIKE THIS GAME … but only fixed gun ..but ok :D

Thank you a lot !


wait for full… cool multiplayers :D


Wow, that's got potential. I can tell a lot of thought and time has been put into Vouivre. Graphics a well presented, good atmosphere so I present my twenty minute play.

I have one gripe though (well 2), I use a qwerty keyboard and found it little difficult to start of with so may be allow the user to rebind the keys or add support for qwerty and add strafing but overall pretty cool.

Well done and good luck.


Thanks !! unfortunately we didn't have enough time to implement key binding, we had only 5 month to do this game, and very few time with our dev. We will try to find some time to fix some of the major problems !